Backyard Tuna Company

Living in Lima, Peru we were introduced to fresh and flavorful fish that inspired us to try new things in the kitchen. Now back in Chicago, we have created Backyard Tuna Company as a platform to share our knowledge of seafood and cooking with you.

-Amanda & Alex

A Twist on your Favorites

Whether it’s giardiniera on your ceviche or raw tuna served inside cucumber slices, we take classic favorites and put our own spin on it.

Learn Something New

Our mission is to teach recipes from all over the world, using ingredients and techniques that take you out of your comfort zone.

Hot & Spicy

We love putting sriracha and jalapeños on everything. That’s why most of the recipes you will find on Backyard Tuna have a fiery kick.

Exclusively Seafood

We only cook seafood dishes. We believe a narrow focus on the key ingredients will push us to get more creative with our recipes.